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Compatible with all types of syringes of 1ml and 0.5ml
Very easy to use, more comfort and safety
Warranty DG-insmed / perfect performance

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Inyector aplicador de insulina para pacientes insulino dependientes

Auto-Injector / Syringe Applicator

Injector / applicator insulin to insulin-dependent patients.
Also it has use in urology (erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation).
Subcutaneous administration of vaccines.
Small animal veterinary (vaccines).

Technical Details

Manufactured in ABS (high impact plastic).
It can be washed and disinfected by any method.
With depth regulator.
It has a button that achieves an easy and uncomplicated injection.

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We are a company created 10 years ago to meet the needs of laboratories, clinics and patients.
Our mission is to develop systems and devices for the self-administration of injectable medications.
Special order developed and tailored to our customers.
We are dedicated to I+D, design of new alternatives, new products and medical devices.
We have a team of professionals dedicated to the growth and positioning of the company in Spain, Latin America and the World.


Injectors / Applicators can only use a syringe of the same brand.
PEN injector cartridges can only use the same make.


Ricchieri 1235 - Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.

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